Our Partners

Key partnerships help our clients to get the best.


We maintain long-lasting partnerships with organisations who also work in our target industries. We work with our Partners to deliver a wide range of specialised services that not only broaden our scope capability but provide flexibility in how we deliver these services.


We are pleased to partner with Enthalpy, an Independent Owner’s Project Management Consultant.

Enthalpy specialises in offering strategic and technical advice on project investment and execution. This expertise combined with our tailored software packages and business solutions will offer our clients the benefit of an effective strategic project solution combined with the software suite and training to successfully implement it.

Find out more about Enthalpy at www.enthalpy.com.au


Damstra Technology, a global leader in workplace management software, recently acquired Scenario Advantage Workforce.

Damstra Technology, with their all in one, cloud-based workplace management platform, integrating workforce management, assets, site access, learning, and HSE compliance, help companies to track, manage and protect their workers and assets.

Find out more about Damstra Technology at www.damstratechnology.com


Nomitech specialises in Cost Estimating solutions. Nomitech’s founders are engineers with real life industry experience and deliver both practical and innovative start of the art features. It is becoming a gold standard for estimating.

Nomitech’s Cost Estimating solution – CostOS – offers an enterprise and scalable architecture in combination with a user friendly and familiar interface. CostOS estimating offers 2D, BIM and GIS take-offs in one platform.

Find out more about Nomitech at www.nomitech.eu

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