Project Management Information System

Your Partner in Project Delivery

Scenario is the Single Source of Truth, connecting all project information and stakeholders, ensuring informed decisions are made.

How will your project journey with Scenario look like?

Our teams of seasoned professionals support you right from the start of the implementation stage through your entire project lifecycle and ensure you get the most out of the solution and achieve your project goals.

Stay Away from the hassle of data silos!

Get to know all the things happening on your project in one centralised platform. All project members can have confidence that they are working on the correct document and revisions to avoid reworks and delays.

Level up your team’s productivity!

Scenario digitises your processes to enable everyone in your project to work together and share information in a secure and error-free way. Our automated workflows and review tools make things faster and more efficient.

Standardisation is key to success!

Transform your projects with our flexibility in configuration that puts the power of information ownership in your hands. Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all solutions and hello to tailored success with Scenario.

Keep up-to-date on your Project!

Dashboards and reporting tools deliver up-to-date insights and uncover the actual status of the projects. Scenario ensures the project team stays informed and aware, allowing them to make timely and informed decisions to mitigate potential risks.

Who is using Scenario?




Property Development




Project Roles

Project Owner/Developer

Main Contractor

Project Manager/Client Representative

Project Stages

Scenario supports projects from the early project stages. Client can seamlessly scale up the use of Scenario as the projects progress.

How does Scenario mitigate your project risks?

Reduced likelihood of reworks and delays

Capturing all project data and processes in Scenario throughout the project lifecycle, you can be confident that all stakeholders are working together on the latest revision and have access to the most accurate data. With this assurance, you can avoid unnecessary reworks and delays in the project.

Standardisation across your Portfolio

Adopting Scenario improves the transparency in your Portfolio and leads to more effective handovers. Scenario provides a centralised platform to establish a standardised way of managing project information, collaboration and document control across their Portfolio at all project stages.

Better connected teams and efficiency

Scenario facilitates borderless collaboration and sharing of information across internal and external parties with access from anywhere through our web-based and mobile applications. Our clients have seen an average of 50% turnaround time in review processes by using our concurrent review tool – Routing.

Improved stakeholder accountability

A searchable audit trail of communications, information history and key decisions is established in Scenario from the start. With a comprehensive history of your project activities, you can easily and swiftly resolve disputes by identifying events and parties involved.

Trusted by the World's Best

The Scenario team was professional and listened to us to understand our needs in detail.
I like how Scenario has the flexibility to customise the software to suit our needs, and we build and evolve our processes.
The ongoing relationship of support and trust from the professional services of the Scenario team is the integral pillar of our successful partnership.
Highly recommend Scenario. The system has been able to adapt to our ever-changing business requirements and proved to be a robust and key project control.
With the open-end system structure, it brings us the opportunity to analyse projects in the Big Data Era to support our decisions and produce undiscovered insights.
In an ever-changing world driven by new and improved technological advancements and a focus towards efficiencies and meeting even tougher deadlines, it is increasingly clear that the engineering & construction sectors need a system like Scenario.
Scenario has helped us realised our company's vision to digitalise key processes in our document control system while at the same time gaining the benefit of an efficient collaborative document management system with our projects' Clients.
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