Big Data and Construction: Digitising Site Inspections for Mega Housing Projects

Recent statistics indicate that there are significant opportunities to better utilise data in the engineering and construction industries.



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Source: Big Data = Big Questions for the Engineering and Construction Industry”. FMI, Nov 2018.

In addition to this, 90% of the data that is produced is unstructured, further adding to the missed opportunities – especially when considering the volume of data generated over the lifetime of a project.

While these stats might be concerning, what they do highlight, however, is the significant gains that could be achieved if project data is better managed.

Benefits of Site Inspection Data

Harnessing key insights from inspection data is critical to the success of your project. This information allows you to develop a thorough, real-time understanding of:

  • Live project costs
  • Visual map of project progress
  • How your project performance is tracking against KPIs (internal and external teams)
  • If your project is on schedule (where you’re at versus scheduled)
  • Any defects or delays that you need to be aware of

This information will allow you to mitigate risk as you’ll know exactly how your project is tracking, know any areas of concern ahead of time and take real-time action to avoid time and cost overruns, ultimately improving your project outcomes.

Site Inspection Data in Action

In his presentation at the Construction Technology Festival KSA, Adnaan Khokhar, Scenario’s Operations Manager in the Middle East, highlights the digital transformation that Scenario was able to facilitate for a Mega Housing Developer in Saudi Arabia.

For mega projects, one of the key challenges is the sheer volume of data that gets produced on a daily basis. For our client, some of the challenges they faced included:

  • How to ensure quality of the end product for over 2,000 owners of the development.
  • To create standardised project processes for all internal and external parties involved, ensuring consistent data for insights and decision-making.
  • Reduce bottlenecks so that decisions can be made quickly.

For the project, Scenario successfully digitised 14 different construction processes, leading to improved efficiencies, decision-making, document management and final outcomes.

Source: Ventures Connect – Success Stories in Digital Transformation – Adnaan Khokhar – Construction Technology Festival KSA

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