Scenario Company Update

It has been an exciting time for us with recent changes that have occurred. We have been known by many as the Projection Group, and for our Scenario Advantage software products. As an organisation we’ve continued to innovate and evolve over the last 15 years.


Sarah Smith


Our focus has always been on providing services and software technology development solutions for our customers across large scale infrastructure, construction, energy and mining projects. In 2018 we launched our first SaaS platform offerings, our Workforce Management and Enterprise Document Management product. Since then we have continued to win and deliver effective, mission critical business solutions for some of the largest projects throughout Asia, the Middle East and Australia. At the end of 2019 our Workforce Management product was acquired by Damstra, an ASX listed global company, as part of their M&A strategy. This allowed us to focus on the next generation of technologies that will aid major projects around the world. 

We’re now excited to announce our Scenario strategy. A rebrand to align to the focus we have, and the innovation we wish to continue. 

Scenario ensures projects can be managed more efficiently and effectively, reduce risk through real-time alerts and enable project progress transparency. 

Our cloud product is focused on meeting the data and document needs of major infrastructure, construction, energy and mining projects. From the learnings established over decades of working with global billion-dollar projects, we are continuing to enhance our platform that delivers crucial project insights on demand through real-time access to data and documents. 

We have an exciting roadmap ahead and will be delivering updates to our platform over the coming months with a clear focus on providing our customers with real-time insights across their projects.

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